Engineered to a Higher Degree

Engineered to a Higher Degree

Our History

Backed by years of knowledge and an uncanny obsession with precision engineering,

BWise has prioritized quality above all else. We do this to ensure the trailers that leave our facility are the best trailers on the road. From our multi-point quality checklist to our top-notch parts and materials management, BWise has every detail covered.

Our History

Our top-drawer manufacturing process starts before we even begin building.

We house all parts and materials indoors to limit exposure to the elements and ensure clean material. Each one of our trailers is then built with a detailed drawing to certify maximum precision and quality. From there, our refined internal tools and processes maintain strict quality controls over every trailer that rolls off the line.

Starting From a Place of Precision

Laser Cut Precision
CNC Machining


We use CNC machinery to precision machine bushings, fittings, and latching mechanisms. This exacting quality control step is required for the custom fit process of our trailers and their equipment. It also helps to create the clean aesthetic that BWise is known for. Our custom-built parts are one reason why BWise trailers are so unique. In fact, if we didn’t machine the operational components for the hydraulic ramp in our Ultimate Dump, this feature wouldn’t even exist. We are always looking for new ways to refine and improve our processes with the goal of providing the highest quality trailers for our customers.

A Good Plan Goes a Long Way

Each BWise trailer begins with a detailed technical drawing including key dimensional information, weld types, location of all welds, and key tolerance checkpoints. We also require our vendors and partners to work from these same technical drawings for maximum consistency and optimal quality control.

CNC Machining
CNC Machining
CNC Machining

Pushing the Limits of Testing

Our trailers are tasked with real-life situations before leaving the factory. We stress test our products with regular operations, including real cargo and real loading/unloading. When necessary, we also perform a Finite Element Analysis with computer simulations for stress and load testing. This is in addition to our final inspection on all critical points of each product.

CNC Machining
CNC Machining
CNC Machining
Our History

Our industry leading paint process is an integral piece to making

BWise trailers the best available. Our fully automated process includes a state-of-that art system with over 700 high pressure nozzles and a dedicated 100 foot wash tunnel. In addition a detailed prep, prime and powder coat process ensures our trailers leave with the highest quality, durability and professional finish possible.


Step One

Prep, wash, and pre-treatment includes metal finishing for maximum paint adhesion. Trailers are degreased, chemical washed, and treated with a rust inhibitor.

Paint Step 1

Step Two

Each trailer then goes through the powder primer process, after which the product is cured in a 400-degree oven.

Paint Step 2

Step Three

Our proprietary, top powder coat finish is applied, and the trailer is again cured in another 400-degree oven to ensure a durable finish.

Paint Step 3

Available Powder Coat Colors


Gloss Black
Lime Green
Dark Green
Gloss White
Implement Green
Implement Yellow
Desert Tan
Hammertone Gray
Hammertone Black

Gloss Black

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